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By Luis Albano since
In this article we will know how we can make a marking knife for carpentry. We will go from the simplest to the most elaborate, so you may require prior knowledge.
Mark wood with a pencil to make cuts, it's common and very useful, as it allows to follow the guidelines to make precise straighter cuts.
But, Why not go further?
Why not use a marking knife?, much thinner and it is also very useful to help prevent chipping in the cut.
The image shows a professional marking knife, of the kind that is achieved in specialized stores online shopping.
3 years now, how time passes so fast!
Note: 3 years ago on this date, Luis Albano founded this blog.
With so much work at home, Susan was overwhelmed. So many were the chores of the house and so many his little children, that she was about to collapse.
One of the most chaotic moments was presented right at mealtime. There were so many hands and hands approaching their plate to receive their rations that that was DIY tools something really traumatant for her.
One day Susan's husband devised to place a round base spinning to the center of the table, in which Susan put viandas and dressings; that was a wonderful solution.
When there were guests at the table they asked that he was newspaper that and Susan's husband would tell them, "I did it for my lazy Susan"
And I think, that's how people identify and name that implement as Lazy Susan "Lasy Susan"
Well, at least in my imagination, I think in a similar way it was that this name was assigned to this swivel base formed by two rotating metal plates leaning from small spherically shaped metal bearings.
But how wonderful does this swivel base have?... Continue reading
By Luis Albano since
First of all, I'll try to explain what a memory box is.
Its unique name is Shadow Field. This is a display case in which objects are kept on the same subject being this personal artistic.
It is said that the American soldiers on their return brought with them a wooden box in which they kept all the objects that reminded them of their adventures in the war. It is easy to consider that family and friends would like to see the contents of these boxes as soon as they knew of their existences, so most likely, it was more practical for those who constantly showed them, placing a glass wall and placing them where everyone could see them.
So a simple box became something decorative and even artistic.
A Box of Memories is now a kind of wooden display case with not much depth a frame, like the ones in the portraits with some depth, where people place objects for others to admire but without touching them.
Currently these boxes are rather decorative and also have the purpose of preserving treasures of yesteryear memories such as all objects that bring you a good memory of certain places special moments in your life.
The image shows a souvenir box alluding to a trip to the beach. If you visit this hyperlink you will see how an easy photograph becomes something very artistic, knowing how to apply some elements that enhance the depth of the theme.
By Luis Albano since
Greetings to all my followers!, thanking your preference and happy of the almost million visits to this your Weblog of My Carpentry.
Once a carpenter once told me -Everyone thinks making a chair is an easy thing.
And relatively it is, but to get to that point you have to learn a lot and when I say a lot, I'm serious.
The secret is to learn the techniques, then master them and finally apply them.
This time we will learn how to make a chair, guided as always, of the myriad of information I collect on the internet.
First let's look at the definition of Chair.
The chair is a piece of furniture whose purpose is to serve as a seat a person. It usually has four legs, although there may be a, Two, three more. Depending on your design it can be classic, Rustic, Modern, office, and many others. The ones that are tool accessories Wide, with somewhat high backing, with arms are called armchairs. The ones that also have arms but are narrow are called armchairs such as those in the theater dining room. The ones that are comfortable, with arms and low backrest are called poltronas. Wikipedia Source.
Maybe it's time we went over two items together that will come in handy before we continue, without leaving this Blog:
below the measures and secrets of the chairs: Continue reading
By Luis Albano since
A mobile base capable of allowing us to move our heavy workshop tools easily and quickly, like those that are mounted on small tables, is indispensable in modern carpentry workshops, in the amateur carpenter's workshop in small workshops, especially in those who lack a good dust collection system, small sawdust still, of a simple vacuum cleaner.
Imagine a base made by you, where you would mount your tool and with an easy movement of its mechanism, they would lower bearings that would allow you to move your machine to whatever you wanted inside your workshop.
Watch this video that gives us the thought common of these types of bases. there are many, that each user in specific designs and manufactures to meet their own needs.
Further down, at the bottom of the video, you will find a link that will allow you to access the complete article: More videos, more systems and even blueprints of such a system.
Picale here, there's so much more...
By Luis Albano since
This is a common story, so much that it would seem repetitive and unattractive to read up to the closing. But... given the importance of its importance, I advise you to read it complete... because this, it could be your story. In addition to the fact that in the end I reveal the solution I have already given Jaime in order that the, as all of us manage to save ourselves from a possible accident.
The story revolves around an accident suffered by Jaime and that He has wanted to share with us so that his story spreads in search of avoiding accidents to both nobel carpenters and advanced.
We'll soon focus on the auxiliary attachment that is another staple in this story: The Sled Slider for cross-section.
In the video the interlocutor explains that making small part cuts on a table saw is difficult and even dangerous.
He explains that he has used white oak for the slides used in his sled and highlights the great importance of the joints being perfectly squared.
It also explains how to adjust the retaining bars in case the cut is not perfectly squared: loosening the screws and applying pressure by means of presses while the glue is still fresh. Continue reading
By Luis Albano since
Surely there are many of us who need to know how to make a wooden screw. Maybe it's just curious for others to know how to make it.
The intention of this compilation, is to meet that need; as always worth to it all sorts of info poured into the pink by people who put it at our fingertips.
A Wooden Screw?
No, of those not!
Regularly wooden screws, in carpentry, are used as part of the bench screws presses of a Carpenter's Bench in wood sergeant presses. Continue reading
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